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chengdu clear ghost tattoo community specifically the fee structure
Sichuan tattoo enthusiasts do not understand the charges by the hour, in recent years China has long been a professional tattoo shop in such a way of reasonable fees. Charge by the hour of its legitimate reasons: such as big map, time-sharing basis, the customer can reasonably arrange their energy and funds, the previous price, likely to cause rush of work and fatigue, quality of work reduced. As a small chart, for example, as large patterns, you might make 500 in a shop, but your friend made the same pattern of 300, there have been price arbitrary charges and Luanhan situation, so that is even more reasonable charge by the hour .
Most customers will understandably worried about the tattoo “tattoo artist deliberately delay time, how do?” Is actually very simple, drag the time likely to cause skin lesions, the customer will have a significant injury to the skin, a professional tattoo artist is absolutely not allowed to customers cause skin lesions. If you know the clear ghost, a ghost was believed that clear, clear choice will be a ghost, so please choose carefully a professional tattoo shop and a professional tattoo artist. Learn more about tattoo artist and his work, and his reputation, not just about the price of your choice.
Clear ghost tattoo hourly specify: Preparation before tattoo shop is not time, half-way the customer to rest (go to the bathroom, eating, etc.) is not time, after disinfection tattoo pictures do not work and maintenance time. Less than one hour by one hour charge, one hour 20 minutes later by a half-hourly, one hour and 40 minutes later by two hours billing, tattoo after care products such as creams are not additional fees, by the gift shop .

clear ghost tattoo shop in cattle and fire division is charged 500 per hour, but also size and complexity of the pattern can be directly reported to a price.

clear ghost tattoo division chief cocoa, July 1, 2011 from:

way from 800 yuan fee,

(counting only the time profile thorn, the design of charge, to cover changes tattoo the other 30% surcharge fee)